It's not just about venture capital. A vast new marketplace and world of expertise awaits you.

Canopy is a proud partner of the Boston Angel Club (BAC) and its new initiative BIG--Boston Innovation Growth, Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Backed by the Eagles Fund in mainland China and BAC in Boston, BIG has deep connections with 1000+ certified VCs, CVCs, and Angel Groups in China.

Canopy members benefit from this relationship by gaining access to the Asian marketplace as well as a highly influential overseas network and the diversity and knowledge that comes with it. 


BIG is a data platform that matches Boston-area startups with investors and others seeking partnership opportunities in China. BIG keeps your information updated and lets certified investors find it easily. BIG does not charge commission and believes a startup should "shine by itself."

What is big's mission?

To transcend obstacles such as information asymmetry, language differences and physical distance in order to fund and bring to market exciting, cutting-edge projects that make positive social impact. 

BIG does this through collecting, cleaning and structuring information related to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and presenting it in a way that Chinese investors can easily understand.

BIG also develops productivity tools for investors to navigate the data and find exactly what they want. In addition, BIG employs a team of professional investment managers in Boston, who can communicate with local startups, schedule meetings and organize demos.

big BOston Success stories


Smart clothing technology that can precisely gauge your body size developed by a team from MIT.

Built partnership with Li-Ning, a leading brand of athletic shoes and sporting goods in China.



Enhanced display technology by quantum effect created with an Exclusive License Patent from MIT.

Got funded by Zhen Fund, a top institutional angel investor in China.

Built partnership with TCL, a leading manufacturer of TVs in China.



Quality second opinions from physicians at the world’s top academic medical centers.

Got funded by iKang, the largest provider in China’s fast growing private preventive healthcare services market.

Entered Chinese market and built office in Oriental Plaza, Beijing, China.



Industrializing and commercializing nanogenerators and sensing technology.

Got funded by IDG China, the leading venture capital group in China.