The canopy city SEE fund

The Canopy City SEE fund is a first of its kind program designed to provide impactful support to brilliant technology focused social impact startups, non-governmental organizations and local 501c3 non-profits who are struggling under the weight of rising commercial rents, which represents one of the leading challenges facing those who aspire to drive social change.

Our SEE fund leverages the generosity and social responsibility of the ecosystem’s top technology and life science companies, as well as investors, foundations, and high wealth individuals to provide longterm, cost-free housing, in a supportive incubator environment.

How does the fund work?

Canopy City has identified local, national, and international challenges that local 501c3 non-profits and social impact-focused innovators are tirelessly working to address. From this list, donors choose the challenge area most in line with their personal and corporate values. For example, topics such as gender pay equality, public health, and climate change.

Once a challenge area is identified, the donor chooses a package based on how many social impact leaders they wish to support. For example, a donor can choose to host a three-person nonprofit for $600 per month or $7,200 per year, based on submarket rates.

  • Three people team, Flex Desk $600 per month, $7,200 per year 
  • Five people team, Flex Desk $1,000 per month, $12,000 per year
  • Five people team, Private Office $2,200 per month, $26,400 per year
  • Seven people team, Flex Desk $1,400 per month, $16,800 per year
  • Seven people team, Private Office $3,080 per month, $36,960 per year
  • ...

The process

Donor will select the challenge(s) he/she cares from the list below and the size of the team, Canopy SEE Fund staff would 

Additional benefits to sponsored organizations include assistance with raising funds, access to a multitude workshops on topics such as crowd funding and social media strategy, human resource support, as well as help developing press releases and identifying exposure opportunities via Canopy City programs, such as our Social Impact Event Series and much more.

Donor benefits go well beyond just giving back. All contributors to the Canopy City SEE fund receive additional returns in the form of event sponsorships, opportunities to hold workshops that drive referrals, and other perks to empower your team.

Please email Matthew Hoey for additional information:

See below for a full list of Housing fund challenge areas:


Global Warming




Human Rights

public health.jpg

Public Health



Social Justice.jpg

Social Justice




Gender Equality

Arms Control.jpg

Arms Control