OUR MISSION: To create a more inclusive innovation community that leverages interconnectedness to solve local and global challenges.

The name Canopy is a metaphor, alluding to a forest canopy: Home to a multitude of diverse species, which find shelter and a sense of community under the cover of that foliage.

Canopy City is a startup- and social impact- focused coworking space and technology incubator based in Somerville, Massachusetts and Lisbon, Portugal. 

What makes the Canopy City experience unique is the organically-grown diversity of our community. Our membership base is comprised of entrepreneurs, engineers, policy makers, academics and artists--among others--who have harnessed the dynamic of cross-pollination to advance their vision.

We wholeheartedly believe that when we draw together brilliant people from different realms, (for example, the startup, public policy and academic communities,) who care about the same things and who are seeking solutions to big challenges, that magic can happen. 

Above all, we're dedicated to creating an inclusive climate of collaboration, inspiration and shared purpose to elevate and accelerate the missions of our members. 

At Canopy, we believe that any individual who takes a leap to launch a vision at great personal and financial risk is also a startup, and we are here to provide support and a welcoming atmosphere for those who dare to be so bold.