Tim Buntel

Making hard things easy

Business Strategy and Validation, Lean startup techniques, Software Engineering


  • Product Management and Product Marketing
  • Finding Product/Market Fit
  • Revenue Models and Strategy
  • Design Sprint Technique for Product Validation
  • Lean Canvas
  • Engineering Best Practices and Management
  • DevOps and Software Development Models
  • Software Development Tools and Platforms (JIRA, GitHub, AWS, etc.) 


About Tim


Tim Buntel is an experienced leader in developing (and creating passionate users of) technology products, projects, and teams. He has built globally recognized software businesses for 20 years at startups, mid-sized companies in transition, and the largest global brands, including Atlassian, Adobe, Microsoft, and Allaire with an emphasis on developer tools and platforms; helping software developers build better software. 

Tim is a founding mentor and Board member at Smarter in the City (http://smarterinthecity.com/), a non-profit high-tech accelerator with a mission to diversify Boston’s startup sector by providing support and resources for local minority-run businesses. 

Tim is currently incubating his next new venture - Helpable, Inc. - focused on memory and cognition in aging.