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Want to host an event at Canopy? Please fill out the application below.

Capacity by seats, theater layout:

Conference room 1: 20 people or less, $60/hour. Half day: $200, full day: $350

Conference room 2: 30 people or less, $70/hour. Half day: $250, full day: $420

Seminar room: 70 people or less, $95/hour. Half day: $360, full day: $680

The whole floor can host up to 150 people. Half day: $650, full day: $980. Limited to evening and weekend.

* Rules for using the venue:

We request organizer of the event take good care of our space, leave without trash left behind.
If it’s an evening event, lights in the event room/bathroom/hallway and the screen should be turned off when you are leaving the space. The 3rd floor front door should be locked.

No signage is allowed anywhere in the business park. 

Canopy doesn't sponsor drinks, food, snack or utensils. You are welcome to bring over food and drinks and utensils.

We would charge $50.00 cleaning fee if the space was left in mess.

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* Contact Lilian if you are a 501(c)3, Non-profit, or Community Group after you submit the application form.
  Email: lilian@canopy.city