Chuck Goldstone

You want to say the right thing to the right people!

Communication, Strategy, and Business Techniques to help a Startup be the one left standing.

It’s about the story..... and a clear and focused strategy. 
Startups often do not move ahead as well as they could, not because their technologies aren’t good, but because the stories they tell about them aren’t. 
Strategy and story are intertwined. You need a clear and differentiating narrative to be head above the competitive noise, to compel investors and markets to listen, like you, and do what you hope. 
Meet with Chuck Goldstone, who has helped over 1000 companies find their stories and find their voice. Let’s chat about both content and intent, stepping back to find the right message for each audience, making it clear and moving audiences to action. It will influence your narrative as well as your internal strategy. Bring your decks, your goals, your challenges, and an open mind about finding and articulating a compelling story.


About Chuck

Founder and Executive Director, !deaworks | New Venture Initiative

Nationally respected author, coach, strategist, catalyst, Chuck Goldstone has helped domestic and global organizations leverage communication as a business asset and has inspired individuals to be more visionary, creative, persuasive, and confident. He is founder/CEO of !deaworks | New Venture Initiative, !deaCorporation of America, and CommInLaw and is a nationally respected authority on business presentations, corporate storytelling, creativity, acculturation and onboarding, and communications strategy. His groundbreaking core story model has been adopted by organizations throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. 

As a consultant, he has guided some of the largest and most prestigious companies on the planet and as a mentor, coach, and thought leader, he has helped over 1000 new ventures define their story. He is a nationally aired radio commentator, heard for a more than a decade on 400 public radio stations across the country and a popular keynote speaker and writer. 

Chuck earned an M.Ed from Boston University and has taught at a colleges and universities throughout the region. He is an author, storyteller, and humorist with two books and more radio and television appearances than he can remember.