“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe


Would you like to improve your wardrobe but not sure exactly how to go about it?

Would you like to be a man that seems to always dress well for the occasion?

Are you impressed when you see a gentleman dressed well but find it difficult to pull off the same look?

If you would like to dress better but not sure how then this class is for you. This workshop is designed to help men understand a few basic principles that will help them approach men's clothing with more confidence. During the class, we will cover some of the basics of men's clothing, including fit, proportion, and wardrobe essentials. We will end the class with a Q & A session. 

About Edward Jones

Edward has been involved in menswear for over four years. He works in the custom clothing industry and has made to measure experience with large manufacturers, both American and European. He has a passion for helping men who can benefit from improving their appearances and his approach is very encouraging. He considers himself a lifelong student and wants to educate others as he continues to learn.