Dance FIT #BOUGIEGIRL is happening on September 6th! Our Next BGN Boutique Fitness & Nutrition Event is HERE!

Black Girls Nutrition Definition #BOUGIEGIRL: A woman that wants nothing but the BEST, surrounds herself with phenomenal ladies #theclique, loves to make grand entrances, enjoys fine dining #yassplease, delicious beverages are a MUST, and having an amazing time at events is #everything. BTW Empowering other women is OUR thing and we celebrate our own DOPENESS! <3

Here are the DEETS: We are providing maximum total body fitness of Aligning of Mind, Body, and Spirit! And by that, we mean an extra dose of our #BOUGIEGIRL to fuel our workout and Chat-N-CHEW.

YOU ARE INVITED!!!! Did we mention that SWEETGREEN is our Food Sponsor for the Chat-N-Chew #Delish

aka Each Ticket includes a SweetGreen Salad! ;-) 

Join us Wednesday September 6th at 6:00PM for ALL things fun... a special workout playlist with our favorite hits, #BougieGirl themed beverages, selfie props, , and of course some hidden goodies TO BE REVEALED at the event #NoSpoilerALERT ;-)