• Canopy City (map)
  • 14 Tyler Street
  • Somerville, MA, 02143
  • United States

The Canopy Startup Sessions are held once per month and feature up to six tech and life sciences focused startup companies. The focus of the event is to help early stage founders validate and iterate their ideas. (Investors also view the event as a great forum to scout for early stage ideas.)

Each company demonstrates their idea, business model or prototype. After the demonstration, the audience is encouraged to ask questions, give feedback and support the founders in their journey.

For the September 26th Session, Canopy is teaming up with the MIT Microbiome Club, the student-run branch of the MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics, and Johnson & Johnson to host a special event and showcase the microbiome field, identify its key challenges, and forecast its future. 

In the field of life sciences, micobiome is on the forefront and is an area of study that will drive a new approach to addressing pressing illnesses such as mental illness, auto-immune disorders and the world's most pervasive healthcare challenges. Not since blockbuster fields of research such as monoclonal antibodies, pluripotent stem cells and RNA interference has there been such optimism in research centers around the world. We believe that investors will be flocking to this field seeking access to the increasing abundance of opportunities. 

Join us for what is sure to be a fun and inspiring evening!

Food and beverages will be served.