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I could not be more excited about this new partnership between Canopy City and our new friends in Beijing,” said Hoey. “In recent weeks we have made an aggressive effort to rapidly scale our international presence, from the launch of Canopy Lisbon and now Beijing. Our goal for the coming months is to finalize what will be the construction of the most vibrant pipeline connecting the Boston-area innovation ecosystem to China’s leading innovation hubs. This pipeline will not only facilitate entrepreneurial exchanges, but those which are cultural and political.
— Matthew Hoey, Canopy Cofounder

Canopy Beijing: Build the bridge between U.S. and China

In April, Canopy Cofounder Matthew Hoey inked a significant partnership with Gongxin Zhichuang Technology Industry Development Co. to open up a new Canopy location in Beijing.

Gongxin Zhichuang was established under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China with the mission of creating a vibrant information technology industry ecosystem. It serves as an incubator for new technologies, a source of finance investment and an accelerator for bringing products to market.